Weifeng Yu

CAD Manager

The Basics

What is your name/nicknames?
Addison 😊

How would you describe your position?
Project Manager

What are your academic credentials?
Civil Tech

What do you do in your spare time?
Robotic, computer, etc…nerdy stuff

Who or what inspires you and why?
Thomas Edison, the one of greatest inventor in modern world.

The Random

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas, not a religious person, but hey, pretty much that’s the longest holiday in the whole year, plus there are parties and wine.

What would you do if you won a million dollars?
Invest half, donate some of it , and spend the rest.

Do you take the mini shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?
Hmm no, usually use them all, my wife keep the lotion bottle though, that’s her weird hobby.

How many books do you read each year?
Hmmm, one on hardcopy reading, and listen about 5 on audio books.

Do you play board games? Which ones?
Yes Mario party !! and Monopoly !

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