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LNGC Non-Process Buildings – Survey Contractor

Client: Bird Construction

Inline Group is currently working as a survey contractor for BIRD Construction during their work on constructing all the Non-Process Buildings at the LNGC site in Kitimat, BC. These buildings include essential administrative buildings, warehouses, labs, change lockers and more. Inline’s role in the project is a multi phased approach. Ground stability load testing is the first phase of the project scope to ensure building footprints meet engineering requirements for safe erection of the buildings.  Settlement gauges are first positioned in the exact location and continuously monitored with high precision levels to track settling that occurs in these areas.

Phase two will include the construction survey of the buildings and supporting underground utility networks.  Extremely large quantities of concrete and formwork will make up much of this phase.

Project Site:






  • Control Establishment and Monitoring
  • Settlement Gauge Layout and Monitoring
  • Survey Support and Topographical Survey
  • Earthworks Layout
  • AutoCAD and GIS Support

Project Details

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