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Giving back means a lot at Inline. Our leadership team all come from grassroot environments and we want to ensure we give back to our communities. We believe investing in the next generation is important and will help sustain the economy along with our business—that is why we decided to work with NAIT and provide scholarships to students studying Civil Engineering.

Inline is always looking for new opportunities to give back and would love to hear about your idea! Please email Adam at

“From day one, I could tell Inline was different. They allowed me to grow at a rapid pace and encouraged and supported that growth. I never felt like a ‘number or dollar sign’, I felt like an instrumental part of the team.”

Shaun Giesbrecht -Technician Supervisor


Professional and interpersonal skills are an integral component of the operations at Inline Group. When developed they can ensure the safety of our employees and the satisfaction of our clients. To create these assurances, Inline has taken an active approach which will benefit the construction and oil and gas industry as whole.

The Inline For The Future Scholarship Program is executed through the mandatory English 2383 class at Nait Polytechnic. The class trains geomatic students to develop interpersonal and professional abilities. In recognition of a commitment to learning, integrity and discipline in the English 2383 class, four students will be awarded a $1,500 scholarships on behalf of Inline Group Inc. We hope these scholarships will incentivize students to take an proactive stance in the areas of communication and writing.


The Inline for Kids Pilot provide nutritious snacks to ensure that youth never leave a soccer practice or game hungry. Nutritious snacks are provided to 250 children weekly through the contributions of the Inline staff which are then all matched by Inline Group Inc.

This where Free Footie came in. Free Footie works to provide soccer programming for children in modest neighborhoods who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. The organization recently identified that kids were leaving soccer practice hungry.

Inline is a company made up of mothers and fathers. Our staff care about their families more than anything in the world. And we care about their families too.

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